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smile@Jaivon and great game@team

Begonnen von mamacita_2_2002, Samstag, 9 Oktober 2004, 21:49:36

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Hey Jaivon, I just wanted to say sorry what happened to u with ur appartment. I went to the game today and heard what happened. I know exactly how hard it is not to have a own personal nightmare not to have one...;) I hope u get some new stuff soon and the money from today may help a bit too. I am sure u will be aight. Keep ur head up!!!

And to the whole team...great game. I have to say I havent been to a game in 10 years probably...I think Matt was playing back, but I really enjoyed it and I will go to the games as often as I can. :)
If u bored as I am come and hit me up under yahoo. My id is mamacita_2_2002. Holla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best thing about Chemnitz r the 99ers and the Splash!!!